The Cancer Journey

22302427The cancer journey varies from person to person and family to family. Everyone’s journey is different, but there are steps along the way that everyone with head and neck cancer and the people close to them will experience. This section will help you prepare for the experiences you and your loved one may have along your own cancer journey.
When you see how your kids handle it and work through it, it makes you very proud of them.Barry W./ Ronnie W. (palatomaxillary and low grade adenocarcinoma of minor salivary gland cancer survivor)

Navigating the cancer journey

This website contains many articles about specific aspects of the cancer journey you might find helpful. They fall into the following categories:

Understanding the Cancer Journey

This section reviews the journey your loved one is embarking on and leads you step by step through the process.

What to Expect

Learn strategies that can help you prepare for the cancer journey, such as keeping a diary and finding a support group.

Steps on the Cancer Journey

Every person’s cancer journey is unique, but there are certain steps along the way that almost everyone will experience. This section contains articles for those with cancer and their loved ones, covering topics of diagnosis, treatment plan, life after treatment, the path to remission and recurrence.

Coping with Death and Dying

Despite doing everything possible to fight the cancer, your loved one may reach a point when the cancer cannot be cured. If the disease reaches this point, you, your loved one and the entire family will have to cope with one of the most difficult emotional situations you may have encountered in your life. Learn more about how to deal with this stage.