Reaching Out to Your Family and Friends

14985834Approximately 32 percent of patients with cancer experience cancer-related fatigue that is so severe that they cannot perform their daily activities and routines. In addition to time spent in treatments and traveling to medical appointments, the average patient spends four and a half hours per week managing side effects.

Activities that you may have done in the past with friends and family may be compromised; for example, family meals or dining out with friends may not be activities that you can do with them if you develop problems that compromise your ability to swallow normally.

Therefore, you may want to consider reaching out to family and friends to determine whether they can help you during the course of your illness. For example, to deal with fatigue, you can delegate some tasks to a friend or family member if they offer the help.
Gather the love and support from your family and friendsGordon O. (laryngeal cancer survivor)