Cancer Journey Resources

A resource that you may want to identify at the beginning of your cancer journey is a support group. The members of the support group can often provide you with strategies for navigating your cancer journey or provide you with recommendations about how to communicate your needs to health care professionals.

Organizations that may be able to find support groups and/or provide counseling services are CancerCare and the American Cancer Society. Although it may be early in your disease course, you may also want to consider determining if there are National Cancer Institute (NCI)-designated centers near you. You can enter your location and find nearby facilities.

NCI-designated centers treat cancer with multidisciplinary teams that often have access to clinical trials, which may be useful if you have advanced head and neck cancer.
I started going to a support group that met once a month, and they were terrific. They helped me so much at the beginning with things I was concerned about as far as keeping food down, sleeping techniques, things of that nature that were troubling me.Gordon O. (laryngeal cancer survivor)