Mobile Apps

There are many mobile phone applications that can be useful along your journey through head and neck cancer. These apps may help you keep all of your care information organized, help you kick a smoking or drinking habit or help you understand the technical cancer terms. It’s important to remember that an app should never replace opinions from your care team, but here are some we think you’ll find helpful:

Apps to quit smoking

MyQuit Coach is a free iPhone app that helps you build a personalized plan with inspiration photos, tips, progress charts and badges to help keep you motivated.

NCI QuitPal is a free iPhone app to support smokers working to become smoke-free. Set reminders and financial goals, and track milestones.

QuitGuide is a free iPhone and Android app that includes an interactive guide and support for after you quit.

Apps to help communicate

Speak it! is an iPhone and iPad app that converts your written words into your choice of four different voices. There is a fee to download this app.

SVOX is a free Android app that converts text to speech using several different voice options in many different languages.

Apps for speech and swallow rehabilitation

iSwallow is a free personal rehabilitation assistant (PRA) for use on the iPhone or iPad that can be programmed by a supervising clinician to assist you with your rehabilitation exercise regimen.

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New apps come on the market all the time. We’re always interested in knowing about and sharing apps that are useful for head and neck cancer patients and their families. If you have a suggestion, please contact us.