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You and/or your loved one may need financial assistance. For example, perhaps both one of you will go to a medical facility at a distant location that requires lodging. Alternatively, perhaps your loved one cannot afford the insurance deductibles. There are additional options available to help your loved one pay for his or her expenses during this time.

Help with prescription drug costs

There are programs that will provide prescription medications for free or at a reduced cost, such as the Partnership for Prescription Assistance.

Some of the patient organizations provide financial assistance for medications, such as CancerCare.

If your loved one needs several medications, this may help reduce financial costs.

Help with indirect financial costs

There are cancer organizations that will offer financial assistance for indirect costs, including travel, lodging and living expenses. Some of the organizations that provide financial assistance include the American Cancer Society and CancerCare.

Help from individuals and local organizations

Though many people feel ashamed to ask friends, family, neighbors or members of their house of worship for financial assistance, it can sometimes make a difference. Many people want very badly to do something to help, and donating a little money to a friend to help offset the costs of a fight with cancer makes them feel good. You may be surprised at the support you receive.